Why Submeter?
- Increase Income
- Add Property Value
- Conservation

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- Gain 5K per unit
- Recovery more
- Conserve resources

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Are utility rate increases impacting your bottom-line?

Utility rates are rising at an alarming pace across the country, some regions have seen a 72% increase! Property owners and managers can no longer recover this cost through normal tenant in-rent increases. The only fair and equitable way to recovery your utility cost is to measure tenants usage based on actual consumption.

RBC Utilities is leading the way in providing innovating utility submetering and energy monitoring solutions for your multi-family residential and commercial properties. RBC Utilities offers a full range of products and services to help you manage your properties cost recovery and conservation needs.

Can your property be sub-metered?

RBC Utilities solution can submeter new construction or retrofit existing properties. The solutions can even submeter older garden or high rise apartments and condominiums. Let us show you how our submetering technology can submeter any utility (water, gas, electric) at any property. Read more about this unique wireless technology and other facts about utility submetering.

Residential Properties

Submetering older garden style and high rise apartments/condominiums have traditionally been very difficult, if not impossible. Not anymore! RBC Utilities uses state-of-the-art wireless metering technology based on Zigbee Technology. This enables us to submeter almost any property, and you can start recovering your utility cost in a fair and equitable way right now. Read more about utility submetering for your residential properties.

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Commercial Properties

RBC Utilities offers a variety of utility submetering solutions for commercial buildings as well. Our solutions offer leak detection and continual diagnostics to help you manage your properties utilities management.

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